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Writing Body Paragraphs

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 Writing the Body Paragraphs and Making Strong Arguments


Organization by Jessie

Organization is key in helping your body paragraphs run smoothly. There are four important parts needed to organize your body paragraphs. The four parts include a topic sentence, major points, elaboration, and a concluding sentence. To start off , it is important to have a topic sentence. The topic sentence should relate to the prompt and should say what you are going to accomplish in that paragraph. In addition to the topic sentence, the body paragraph must also have a clear major point. This major point should support the topic sentence. Third, you should include elaboration on the major points. This is most of the time between 2-4 supporting sentences on the major point in that body paragraph. Elaboration could include Quotes from the passage or it could also be your own analysis. After you support the major points in the body paragaph the last thing needed is to add a concluding sentence. A concluding senence adds a finished feeling to a body paragraph. If all these four parts are added to a body paragraph of an essay then your body paragraphs will be very organized.

Plot Summary by Kristen

When writing an essay, although details from the story are very important, you can’t simply write a summary of story. People tend to ramble on and on about the story and miss the big picture. Depending on your prompt, you may need to include some plot to provide the reader with necessary information from the story. The keyword is some. If you tell the whole story in your essay it draws away from your writing abilities, and one might assume you have none. So when you write your next essay, use your plot in moderation.


Using  Literary Terms by Breshell

       Literary terms are words that you use to describe what’s going on in the story, like foreshadowing, situational irony, and tone. They can be high quality words that help you tell what your talking about. Literary terms help you arrange your ideas that you are trying to convey. They insure the reader that your smart and you know what your talking about. You have to use it in the right way though.




Using Quotes: by Kerri P. and Tina J.

       When writing an essay on any subject you always use quotes in the same way. Quotes used in an essay should be very meaningful and memorable quotations.They must fit into your argument and not be just randomly placed in the paper. When you write a quotation you must first think of the way you will analyze them in the work. You can’t use a strong quote with no analysis to back it up, it would be a waste.  The key points or analyzing a quote is who is saying it and why. You have to know what impact the quote has on the story or how it helps your point.

    When using quotes in writing they should always be introduced. The best way to use quotes is in a "quote sandwich"; introduced and then explained. Quotes should never be left unexplained or at the end of a paragraph. “To integrate a quotation properly within a paragraph, a good writer usually writes one sentence to introduce the quotation, a second sentence that includes the quotation, and a third sentence to comment on the significance of the quotation,” explains L. Boyd (on sjsu.edu).

    When using quotes you should always choose your quote before writing and not choose a random quote that does not make any sense make sure it helps prove your point.



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