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Parody Poems

Page history last edited by Mrs. Blankenship 12 years ago

All the student poems on this page are parodies of famous poems.  The originals are included, followed by the parodies so you can get the ful. I wish I could say that I have parodies included from each student, but I don't.


Suicide's Note  by Langston Hughes

The calm,

Cool face of the river

Asked me for a kiss.


Student "Suicide's Note" Poems


Short & Sweet

by Jillian Allen 2008


A kiss?

Let this not be a tease.

Just drown yourself, please.

This Is Just To Say by William Carlos Williams 


I have eaten

the plums

that were in

the icebox


and which

you were probably


for breakfast


Forgive me

they were delicious

so sweet

and so cold


Student "This is Just to Say" Poems


This is just to say: Apple Juice

by Breshell Morris 2009


I have drank

the apple juice

that was in the icebox


which you wanted

to drink after



Forgive me

I couldn't help

myself you know

I love apple juice.


This is just [for Mrs. Blankenship] to say

by Stephanie Todd 2009


I have lost

your impromptu

that you worked

on so hard


and which you

were probably

expecting a grade


forgive me

It probably

sucked anyway.


This is just to say

by Jeremy Bernstein 2009


I have taken

the lead part

of the musical



At which

you were

planning to



Pardon me but

when the

director saw me

she just

couldn’t believe.


The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams 


so much depends



a red wheel



glazed with rain



beside the white



Student "so much depends" Poems


The Bright Yellow Pencil

by Kristen Shaver 2008


so much depends



the bright yellow



stuck with a pink



doing a handstand

on its point.


The Green

by Jamie Wells 2008


so much depends






glazed with dirt

tons of germs


inside the cash register,

laying on its back ready to be used.


We Eat Chicken

by Camille Brandenburg 2008


much more depends



the white chickens



the red wheel



which really does



The Grey Computer

by Filippa Ennerfelt 2008


so much depends



the grey



with its internet



on the desk

beside my homework.


Air, Water, Necessities

by Emily Nichols 2008


My life depends upon

on earth full of air

drenched with clean water

amid necessities


The Cell Phone

by Adrian Melson 2008


so much depends



the cell phone,


texting, taking pictures


besides talking.


Daddy [An Except] By Silvia Plath 

Click for Full Poem


You do not do, you do not do

Any more, black shoe

In which I have lived like a foot

For thirty years, poor and white,

Barely daring to breathe or Achoo.


Daddy, I have had to kill you.

You died before I had time--

Marble-heavy, a bag full of God,

Ghastly statue with one gray toe

Big as a Frisco seal


And a head in the freakish Atlantic

Where it pours bean green over blue

In the waters off beautiful Nauset.

I used to pray to recover you.

Ach, du.


In the German tongue, in the Polish town

Scraped flat by the roller

Of wars, wars, wars.

But the name of the town is common.

My Polack friend




If I've killed one man, I've killed two--

The vampire who said he was you

And drank my blood for a year,

Seven years, if you want to know.

Daddy, you can lie back now.


There's a stake in your fat black heart

And the villagers never liked you.

They are dancing and stamping on you.

They always knew it was you.

Daddy, daddy, you bastard, I'm through. 


Student "Daddy" Poems



by Kristina Johnson 2009


Keoshia, I had to slap you.

But you left before I had time--

Cement heavy, a bag full of stuff,

Ugly pictures with one guy

Big as a Wal-mart.


There's eyeliner in your heart

The employees never liked you,

Getting smart and laughing at you.

I always knew it was you.

Keoshia, Keoshia,k you B***, I'm through.



by Shemaiah Smoot 2009


Doggy, I have had to kill you.

You died before I had time--

Full of energy, and so young,

Crooked stare and such a loud bark

Loud as a strike of thunder.


In the German Shepard tongue, in the human world

Hit flat by the truck

of ice cream, ice cream, ice cream.

A truck so common to the town.

Goodbye doggy.


Ode on the Death of a Favorite Cat  by Thomas Gray 


Twas on a lofty vase's side,

Where China's gayest art had dyed

    The azure flowers that blow;

Demurest of the tabby kind,

The pensive Selima, reclined,

    Gazed on the lake below.


Her conscious tail her joy declared;

The fair round face, the snowy beard,

    The velvet of her paws,

Her coat, that with the tortoise vies,

Her ears of jet, and emerald eyes,

    She saw; and purred applause.


Still had she gazed; but 'midst the tide

Two angel forms were seen to glide,

    The genii of the stream:

Their scaly armor's Tyrian hue

Through richest purple to the view

    Betrayed a golden gleam.


The hapless nymph with wonder saw:

A whisker first and then a claw,

    With many an ardent wish,

She stretched in vain to reach the prize.

What female heart can gold despise?

    What cat's averse to fish?


Presumptuous maid! with looks intent

Again she stretched, again she bent,

    Nor knew the gulf between.

(Malignant Fate sat by and smiled)

The slippery verge her feet beguiled,

    She tumbled headlong in.


Eight times emerging from the flood

She mewed to every watery god,

    Some speedy aid to send.

No dolphin came, no Nereid stirred;

Nor cruel Tom, nor Susan heard;

    A favorite has no friend!


From hence, ye beauties, undeceived,

Know, one false step is ne'er retrieved,

    And be with caution bold.

Not all that tempts your wandering eyes

And heedless hearts, is lawful prize;

    Nor all that glisters, gold.


Student "Ode on the Death" Poems


Ode on the Death of the Favorite Pair of Shoes

by Asianne Martin 2009


Twas in the dark corner of my closet;

Where flats and heels are lain

    The push light pushed in;

Shinning the tiny light brightly,

The lovely pink shoes stuffed,

   Squished between the boxes.


The sparkles falling off as I grabbed them;

Looking all shades of red and purple,

   The heel broke

The material scratched,

The velvet, peeling off as I observed

    The booming, as they hit the wall.


I saw; my roomate wore them.


Ode on the Death of My Computer

by Jessie Early 2009


Twas on a lofty desk's side

Where all my work was done,

The typing fingers of a human kind.

I gazed on the screen ahead.


Still gazing, almost running out of time,

Two warnings popped up as I was close to done;

I moved the mouse to click an X,

But a million more boxes came into view...

Then all went black.  


Ode of a Mouse

by Carrie Early 2009


Twas on a hot summer day

In the barn that stored the hay,

Some mice scattered around

One mouse who was different from others.

It climbed on top the hay

Then it scattered back down.


Her tail was long and elegant.

Her ears were large for hearing all sounds,

The soft nose, the tiny feet,

The glazing eyes.

Everything about her was magnificent.




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