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Writing the Conclusion

   Restating Your Thesis By: Shemaiah Smoot

               When writing a complete essay it is essential that you have a closing paragraph. It is even more important that you restate your thesis in your closing paragraph. Restating your thesis brings the reader back to your original point. It also wraps up your essay as a whole and leaves the reader with an understanding that you have proven your argument. However, when rewriting your thesis, you should not write it word for word. You must reword it without changing the meaning of your original argument or topic.



 “The Final Thought” By Jeremy Bernstein

                The conclusion part of an essay should be its own paragraph. First starting with a minuscule restatement of the thesis, or points you've proven. After the restating of the topic your conclusion should then transfer into your final thought. Your final thought should be a new idea that is your own personal view. This final thought should have not been used in any paragraphs before, although it can build on what you did in the attention getter. The reader should feel some conclusion drawn from the essay. The final thought in an essay should build some type of closure to wrap up the thesis and the support that you have given.
                For a final thought in a conclusion a writer could: explain why this topic matters to the reader, make a statement to impact the readers views on the topic, relate the topic to the reader, or relate the idea of the essay to the future.
                A final thought in a conclusion is a last chance to “wow” the reader and with excellent support on your views with use of detail it can end the essay with a “BANG!”

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